What is hypnosis? What is trance? How will you hypnotise me?

Hypnosis is a calming process in which you will make yourself comfortable and listen to my voice as I guide you into a very relaxed state. This deep relaxation leads you into ‘trance’ which is a completely natural and normal state that we all enter many times a day; when we drive a familiar route,  carry out tasks without needing to think, or when we daydream.  It doesn’t actually matter if you listen or if your mind wanders, because it is the ability to reach the subconscious mind in this state of relaxation that makes it so powerful.  Your unconscious mind will take on any suggestions that are in line with your wishes and goals, but would absolutely reject anything that it did not align with your wishes or values.

Will Hypnotherapy work for me?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can have a very powerful impact. It doesn’t even matter if you are at all skeptical about the process, the most important factors contributing to the success of your therapy are your desire get the results that you want, and your commitment to prioritising your therapy and attending regular sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can have a powerful impact quickly.  Many people will start to notice the benefits after the very first session.  Some clients find that as few as 4- 6 sessions can have a tremendously positive impact on them, while others require 8-12 sessions.  People make  progress at different rates and you will be the one who decides how many sessions you are willing to commit to, and when you feel that you have made the progress or changes that you are happy with.  Listening to your free relaxation recording on a regular basis will support the work we do and may mean that you may well require fewer sessions.

Will online therapy have the same effect as appointments in person?

Absolutely.  You will achieve the same results wether you prefer to meet in person or online.  You don’t need to be concerned by everyday sounds around your home, as long as the noise levels aren’t a big distraction to you, and you have a comfortable space where you can be relatively uninterrupted, your therapy sessions will be productive regardless of the goings on nearby (I once saw an online client who’s dog barked constantly through trance but they were so used to it it made no difference to them at all!). Some people feel more relaxed and comfortable in their own surroundings, while others may prefer a different setting for their therapy sessions and prefer to make appointments to see me in person. In certain situations I may be able to offer ‘home visit’ appointments and to see you in your own home.