Sessions and Prices

Initial consultation 50-60 mins £20 + Free Relaxation recording
Hypnotherapy sessions 60 mins £60
Block booking  Six therapy sessions £300
Talks and Workshops for Social Groups and the Workplace 

I run group talks and workshops which offer a lighthearted but powerful insight into the human brain and how our minds work, and the chance to experience guided relaxation. These presentations can be tailored to the requirements of your group or workplace.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements! 

My working hours are:

Tuesday   09.30- 18.00

Wednesday   09.30- 18.00

Thursday   09.30 – 18.00

I offer sessions in person in Dawlish, or online so I can work with clients anywhere in the world!  We always start with an initial consultation which is an opportunity for you to meet me and discuss your wishes and ask any questions.   During this session we will talk about the brain and how the mind works.  Many of my clients find this discussion to be invaluable. It can be reassuring and motivating as it helps them to realise why they feel as they do and what we can do to help.  You are then free to decide if you would like to continue on to a course of hypnotherapy, with no obligation.  Subsequent sessions involve talking about your goals, and focusing on what you would like to achieve, followed by the deeply relaxing hypnosis part of the session.  People make  progress at different rates and you will be the one who decides how many sessions you are willing to commit to, and when you feel that you have made the progress or changes that you are happy with.  I usually work with clients for between 6-12 sessions.  Some clients enjoy a tremendously positive impact from fewer sessions, while others require more.  It really is up to the individual.


Online Hypnotherapy sessions offer all the benefits of face-to face sessions but mean that you can access Solution Focused Hypnotherapy from the comfort of your own home.  I have worked with clients across the UK and around the world, who have been thrilled to find that physical location was no barrier to getting the help and support that they needed.  International clients are able to find times to suit them regardless of the different time zones.   I use Zoom for online appointments and will send you a simple link to click on using your phone, tablet or computer.  I am happy to set up a brief ‘test’ meeting prior to your appointment so that you can be reassured and confident that the technology will work for us. If you would prefer sessions in person you are welcome to book appointments in the calming and comfortable therapy space at my home in Dawlish.