Low Mood and Depression

Low mood and Depression can seriously impact our ability to enjoy our lives.  In fact, it may feel like happiness and pleasure have no place at all in your life anymore.  It can often build up gradually, until you realise that you are in a really bad place, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, despairing and unable to cope with day to day life.  Any feelings of optimism or hope can feel like a very distant memory.

You do not have to tolerate living with low mood or depression any longer.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help. You will learn how the brain works and why you have ended up feeling as you do, thinking as you do and experiencing any physical symptoms you may have.  You will learn how our brains can be retrained to function in ways that will have a significant and positive impact on your mood and outlook.  Just imagine how it could be to feel motivated and able to look forward to a positive and fulfilling future!