We would all like pregnancy to be a blissful experience, enjoying hopes and dreams for the  future with our imminently arriving bundle of joy!  The reality however is often that our hormones are on the loose, causing what can be a rollercoaster of emotions, our bodies are changing, and life can feel pretty overwhelming.  You may not be sleeping well or just feel generally exhausted.  You may be concerned with how to manage the practicalities of welcoming a new baby into the world, and your life, and how you will adapt to any adjustments that might need to be made.  Some people feel anxious about the birth itself, or concern about looking after a whole new human being! These are all completely natural and normal feelings but they can combine to raise your overall levels of anxiety and stress.  All the while what you really want is just to enjoy the experience and look forward to meeting your new baby!

Hypnotherapy can help to really reduce anxiety and stress and improve your emotional experience.  It can reduce any fear, leaving you to feel calm and allowing you to feel confident and empowered,  looking forward to a wonderful future.