Terms and Conditions Organisations

Terms and conditions for organisations booking Bryony Way to deliver a presentation/talk and/or guided relaxation session.

Event Times

The times and location of the event will be discussed at the time of booking and will be recorded on the booking contract.


It is the responsibility of the organisation making the booking to ensure that they can provide a venue suitable for the purposes  of the event. Details and requirements will be discusses at the time of booking.


Fees for events will be discussed and agreed at the time of booking and will be recorded on the booking contract.


Cancellation must be made by telephone.  Should the booking be cancelled within 14 days of the event date the full fee may be payable. 

Content of sessions

No part of any presentation/information/ or guided relaxation sessions delivered by Bryony Way constitutes ‘therapy’ in any way.  


On request Bryony Way will provide copies of her relevant qualifications, insurance and DBS certificate.

Cautions for Guided Relaxation

Guided relaxation sessions may not be suitable for individuals with low blood pressure, or epilepsy. Additionally, guided relaxation is not suitable for anyone experiencing psychosis. This information should communicated to potential attendees at the time of booking.

Registration of Participants

Participants will be required to sign into the event.  Records must be kept to include names and contact details of attendees. These records must be kept in accordance with GDPR.

Supporting Everyone

I am committed to championing diversity and working towards a fully inclusive society.  I can’t promise that I will always get it right but my intent is to help create a more equitable world.