Anxiety affecting day-to-day life

My daughter started with bryony as she suffered with anxiety it really was affecting her day to day life. She was struggling with simple activities and it was restricting what she could and couldn’t do and making her physically sick. My daughter learned about the brain with Bryony and she helped her understand why she was feeling like she was. It was a real insight for her. The sessions were enjoyable and relaxing for her, she is now a different girl. She is happy, more confident and will try new things. Bryony has given her a new life and we are so grateful. Thank you bryony.

It’s changed my life!

Too stressed to sleep, waking up in the early hours, struggling to get off to sleep, lack of confidence and/or self-belief. Don’t make the mistake of flicking past this thinking it’s not for you or this won’t work. It does. Believe me, it does. 

I had years of poor quality sleep, leading to depression, loss of happiness, lost appetite to continually improve, struggling to function on some days.

I saw Bryony for around 10 sessions. 


So the question that i put to you is, how much do you value your happiness, wellbeing, confidence and self-belief??? 

Make the right decision and reach out to Bryony Way Hypnotherapy and commit to the journey you will be taken on.

I promise you, you won’t regret it

I’ve been able to do things I’d never imagined doing.

There is a very calm atmosphere that creates a safe space to freely talk and explain how you’re feeling. The explanations on the brain to really help you understand why you are feeling the way that you are. Bryony explains processes and tools that can help you to learn how to manage your mental health. I was sceptical at first but after my first session I realised that this method was extremely effective in helping to regulate my anxiety. I’ve been able to do things I’d never imagined doing, and feel my life has become much more productive and I feel so much happier after the process. Absolutely lovely lady, very kind and caring, so easy to talk to and really understands you.

It’s changed our lives

My son has suffered with anxiety since Covid. After a slow build up over a couple of years, I felt the need to seek help. It began to be a daily bother and was distracting him from concentrating at school, relaxing at home and enjoying his day to day. 

Being only 11 and sure he didn’t want ‘therapy’ hypnotherapy seemed like a gentle alternative that would hopefully reprogram his thinking to help his anxiety.

We noticed a difference after the first session. He was able to understand and normalise how his brain was functioning and how that was impacting his behaviour and choice towards things.

Bryony was brilliant at making the sessions relatable to a boy of 11, using app references to talk about how the brain work was so helpful. Bryony really engaged in him as a person, to discover his hobbies and interests to better understand about him and to create the perfect therapy.

6 sessions later, he’s honestly like a new boy and is now sharper at school, socialising with friends more and much more relaxed when at home. We honestly can’t believe the difference.

I’m so glad he was open to hypnotherapy and so glad we found Bryony. It’s changed our lives.

I feel like myself again

After a stressful experience, I felt I’d lost my normal spark. I lost my mojo, particularly my calm and confidence at home and work.

The first hypnotherapy session was extremely helpful, Bryony talked through how the brain works. I found this session so reassuring given what I’d been through, how my brain had responded to it and it instantly made me feel I’d made the right decision to invest in myself through Bryony.

What I liked about hypnotherapy is the focus on how you want to feel and the positive association to that. I felt lighter almost instantly and more confident after each session and the benefit to myself and everyone around me was clear to see.

After 6 weeks I feel like myself again. I’ve said those words to so many people ‘I’m back to my normal self’. I highly recommend Bryony and hypnotherapy to anyone that isn’t feel their best but can’t pin point exactly what it is. Bryony will get you feeling back to your true self and bring back your spark.

Sleep and depression

After having many years with poor quality sleep I was handed a flyer for Bryony’s Hypnotherapy services. I’d also suffered for fifteen plus years with depression. The best decision I’ve ever made was to book a session. I was sceptical at first about this as I thought I couldn’t be hypnotised. She most definitely won’t have you walking around doing chicken clucking sounds and acting like the farmyard animal.
You do have to commit to the process, for most it won’t be an Elastoplast fix. I downloaded the audible app and listened to some books she recommended to help me understand how my own brain was sabotaging my thoughts and feelings and how I could train myself to react differently, I religiously listened to her hypnotherapy recording before going to sleep. I had a wobble two to three weeks in but I stayed with it and now I’m getting amazing sleep 5-6 nights a week. Bryony is so personable, calming, empathetic and supportive. Most importantly you can rely on her to be confidential with you and what you discuss.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone who has similar sleep issues, any feelings of loss of confidence and positivity, where negative thoughts or actions are having a detrimental effect on their lives.
You won’t regret it. I promise you. Book a session. Commit to the process. Accept that it might take you a few sessions to notice and difference and look forward to a brighter more positive life. Thank you Bryony you have changed my life forever.

I feel brand new.

Huge huge thank you!! After a very traumatic 12 months and a marriage breakdown with a newborn baby, I sought help from Bryony in the hope that I could move forward with a calm positive outlook, free from resentment.  I was a little sceptical about the whole thing to be completely honest but after 6 sessions and the initial consultation I feel brand new.  Bryony has changed my life, my way of thinking and the way I deal with day to day things in my life.  The added bonus is that I face challenges with my son, who is slightly problematic at home and I can now deal with this in a calmer and more level headed way.  The hypnotherapy has helped me in every aspect of my life without even consciously realising.  I can’t recommend Bryony enough.  She really has worked her magic.

First-time Mum

I received 9 sessions of hypnotherapy with Bryony and it has given me a completely different outlook towards situations and life in general! When I began my sessions, I was feeling unable to manage general stress and I was apprehensive about becoming a first-time mum. Through Bryony’s thorough explanation about how the brain works, a focus on having a positive mindset and discussions around rational thoughts, she helped me to empty my ‘stress bucket’ and allowed me to feel happy again! I cannot thank Bryony enough for the work that she has done for me. I know that I will continue to apply the skills that she has taught me in my everyday life! Thank you Bryony – you are amazing at what you do!

Anxiety and Chronic Pain

‘I went to see Bryony with a complete open mind.  My hope was that Hypnotherapy would be the answer to my chronic pain from teeth grinding, which I suffered as a result of anxiety from working on the frontline in the NHS during the first waves of COVID19.  Bryony made me feel completely at ease; which made me feel relaxed and able to ask questions.  The way Bryony explains how the mind works made everything come to life for me and I am sure this enhanced my hypnotherapy experience.  With a few sessions I began to notice that my deeply engrained teeth grinding and symptoms of pain had gone and the anxiety I experienced during the night had dramatically decreased.  I consolidated my sessions with the recording that Bryony gave me and I listened to these every night.  From multiple sessions of hypnotherapy I am most definitely in a different place and now am able to recognise my triggers for anxiety before they creep up and consume me.  Out of choice I am now having monthly hypnotherapy not just because I know it works but also as it gives me a space to prioritise my own well- being.  Thank you Bryony’.

Wonderful with Young People

Bryony worked with my teenager who was experiencing anxiety and intrusive thoughts. She is wonderful with young people, putting him at ease and he felt comfortable to speak honestly about his worries.  We have seen a marked improvement in his stress levels since starting hypnotherapy.